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The Port of Brownsville Marina has all the amenities of a large marina but with the charm, peacefulness and rustic setting of a small rural community.

The first Brownsville dock was built in 1901 by community donated work and continued to be kept up by community effort until the Brownsville Port District was formed 7 April 1920 by special election. Brownsville Port District is what is known as an Independent “Special District.” State law defines a special district as “any agency of the state for the local performance of governmental or proprietary functions within limited boundaries.” A special district is a separate local government that delivers public services.

Brownsville is located on the Port Orchard Bay half way between Bremerton and Poulsbo making it a convenient place to visit or stay. The Port facility offers both guest and permanent moorager’s excellent parking, fuel, large boat ramps, electrical and water hook-ups at all moorage sites.

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